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Let’s be honest. In today’s competitive digital landscape it is no longer as simple as – build a website – and be found online. If you want online growth for your business, you need to have a strategy. The experienced SEO team at MarketPoint Digital is here to help you meet your goals by strengthening your website and online brand presence.

We are a full-service SEO agency that works across many different industries. We will create a custom SEO strategy that is specific to your business, to help you achieve Google page 1 rankings.

When you decide to work with us, you can expect:

Website Analysis – Every project starts with a thorough website analysis to level set and understand your current state of operation.

On-Page Optimization – One of the most critical steps in SEO. We make sure your website has the right title tags, meta descriptions, content, keywords, and other ranking information organized correctly and in the right spots.  

Off-Page Optimization – Backlinks make the SEO world go around. We will fully analyze your backlink structure for things like link quality and anchor text density and make the appropriate changes to improve your rankings.

Site Structure – This step ensues your site is laid out in a manner that is user friendly in regards to navigation and lead generation as well as structured in a way that make sense to Google which helps it crawl and rank your pages.

Branding – This is about much more than a logo. Your business needs to have a clear consistent message across all digital platforms. This not only helps you gain exposure but also builds trust in Googles eyes. We will help you structure and build this brand awareness online, so your business is found.

Social Media Optimization – SEO doesn’t stop with your website. Your social accounts also need to be properly optimized. This can be considered their own mini-websites and is a great way for people to find your business.

Citations – These are like online business cards that let people and search engines understand your business name, location, and contact information. We make sure you have the right industry citations in the correct consistent formatting. 

Keyword Research – We will research the applicable keywords and phrases for your services to identify and target buyer intent, then rank and drive qualified leads to your website.

Link Building – Ranking depends on links but there are many factors that play into the appropriate links for your website. Get the wrong links and you can tank your website. If you need links, we can get the right ones to ensure your page 1 rankings.

Site Speed – One of Googles proven ranking factors. Beyond rankings, if your site doesn’t load quickly, potential customers will leave. We will ensure your site is running at top speeds so you don’t lose business due to slow page loading.

Analytics – We install analytics on your website so that we can track and quantify the improvements made. Nothing shows you what’s working quite like actual data pulled from analytics tracking.

Lead Generation – Having a high-ranking site paired with other digital marketing strategies will have your site pulling in highly targeted leads that you can convert to new paying customers.

When you’re serious about online growth

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