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Pay per click or paid search advertising is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. The ability to combine organically SEO built traffic with paid web traffic is a means to be able to dominate your industry. MarketPoint Digital’s PPC management team is AdWords certified and will have your PPC campaign’s running optimized, targeted Ads, to drive new leads to your business.

Let us handle the technical set up, testing, and optimization of your PPC advertising so you can concentrate on what you do best; closing leads and adding to your bottom line.

Some of the types of Ad services MarketPoint Digital provides:

Google Search Ads – Also known as Adwords; are the ads that show above and below search engine results when customers search for specific keywords or phrases.  These ads are created using keyword lists and display when customers search for your products or services.

Mobile Ads – Similar to SEO you need to have mobile optimized ads.  The online search trend is constantly changing to increasing mobile searches. Your business needs to show up on mobile related searches with specially optimize ads that drive new leads. 

Bing Ads – Similar to Google AdWords, Bing ads also work on a pay-per-click basis. While Google is the primary area of focus for SEO and paid Ads, Bing is the default search engine for many internet users and needs to be included as an additional a source of lead generation.

Retargeting Ads – When potential customers search for the services or products you provide we can send targeted ads to appear in ad spaces as they move around the internet. This is a great advertising method with high click through rates and conversions.

YouTube Ads – YouTube is a great for many ad targeting option formats. As you probably know, ads can appear as banners, in-video, in-stream (before or after videos), as well as several others. Many people search YouTube looking for problem solutions which is the perfect targeted audience for your services.

Pay Per Call – Like pay-per-click ads, these are part of mobile advertising where a fee is paid on a per call bases when the call originates from a lead clicking the ad to call your business. This is a great method of advertising because you are only paying for the leads you receive.

Social Media Ads – Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others offer their own versions of advertising.  Social media advertising can be tailored to target a potential customer by demographics entered on their profiles or by products or services they have recently searched for, similar to re-targeting. This is a great way to reach new, highly targeted, customers who are looking for your services.

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