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MarketPoint Digital is a full service SEO company helping businesses thrive in a competitive digital landscape. We combine proven search engine optimization techniques, online branding, and white hat internet marketing strategy to create websites that search engines love. Your business will always receive the personal attention it deserves as we define and implement your online marketing goals. With us you aren’t just another number. We care about the success of your business and through mutually beneficial relationships, we develop personal connections that deliver success.

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MarketPoint Digital puts you at the TOP of organic Google searches, so you can be FOUND!
Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered why some websites show up on page 1 while others do not? These results don’t happen by chance. Whether desktop or mobile, our custom search engine optimization strategies will have you dominating search engine rankings. If you want your business to be found by targeted web traffic, MarketPoint Digital SEO has the means to deliver.

Social Media Management

Social media is it’s own form of internet marketing unto itself. Are you doing it right? Brand recognition and loyalty often starts with and retains customers via social media marketing. From set up, to profile and account optimization, and daily social media management of your business’ online profiles, we’ve got you covered.

PPC Management

Interested in a Google AdWords marketing campaign? MarketPoint Digital is AdWords certified so we know what it takes to attract the right kind of web traffic via targeted Ads. PPC and Ad Re-targeting can be lethal when paired with other internet marketing strategies.  We’ll focus on the PPC management, while you concentrate on closing leads.

Website & Mobile Design

Whether it’s a touch up or a complete design, we deliver customized desktop or mobile web sites that utilize best in class SEO.  Your website should work for you. If you’re missing mobile website design or mobile website optimization, then you are at risk for lower results in Google rankings. Let us handle your new website design so you can be worry free.

Results Matter

We don’t tell you about efforts, we show you results. You hire our SEO to dominate Google rankings and we get the job done.

Working with MarketPoint Digital on our SEO campaign has been great. They set up and optimize our social media profiles as well as doing some site re-structuring and on page optimization. The results have been well worth the investment. Their responsiveness and support has been fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Milwaukee area that is looking to have SEO work done for their business.

Fred LueneburgMilwaukee, WI

MarketPoint Digital SEO helped my website achieve page 1 rankings. They started with a website analysis which led to them correcting my website structure, followed by search engine optimization towards the keywords I am targeting. The whole process was so easy, and effective! If you’re looking for local Milwaukee SEO help, I would definitely give MarketPoint Digital a call.

Cameron SullivanMilwaukee, WI

I am very pleased with the SEO consultation services that MarketPoint Digital provided. The information and insights gained will definitely serve to put us ahead of our competition. Collin was very responsive when I had questions. Overall awesome experience, I will gladly use them again in the future.

Trent HuberMilwaukee, WI

Great Milwaukee area business to work with; well versed in their search engine optimization skill set. I appreciated how responsive they were and that I had one point of contact (Collin) who handled all of my questions. Highly recommended if your business needs any form of internet marketing.

Garry BryantMilwaukee, WI

I'm very satisfied with the ROI I'm getting with MarketPoint Digital. They're also very responsive and always treats me like a valued client. I would say that they're the best SEO in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend them.

Harrold DunneMilwaukee, WI

We are Minneapolis’ Search Engine Optimization Experts

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How to Pick the Right SEO Company

We are all in business to deliver exceptional quality, value, and ROI to our customers while generating a profit. What do you do when you want to grow your business but word of mouth and referrals aren’t giving you the results you desire?

In this situation, a Minneapolis SEO should be considered.  Search engine marketing will increase your client base by improving online visibility, effectively delivering web traffic and new highly targeted leads.

When you’re ready to hire a SEO agency, consider the following items to ensure success:

Website Analysis

A Minneapolis SEO Expert should be able to clearly articulate and demonstrate the status of your website as it relates to search engine optimization. Areas that have been set up correctly and areas that need improvement should be easy for an expert to identify and explain. A site analysis should be the starting point and the basis for any discussion regarding needed SEO improvements. If they cannot clearly explain what is wrong and why, how can you expect them to fix it correctly?

Tie suggested SEO to your goals

The analysis is done and the improvements have been suggested. Has the proposed work been clearly explained and does it relate your online goals? Unfortunately, the not so reputable search marketing companies treat SEO as one size fits all. Make sure you are signing up for services that help meet your goals rather than a cookie cutter approach to online marketing.

What is their Strategy and Implementation Process?

A Minneapolis SEO Company should have a clearly defined strategy and implementation process. Once the improvements have been identified and you have confirmed they align with your goals, you should be provided a clear strategy and implementation process. While you likely do not need to get into the technical details of the work, you should be provided a high-level explanation of how the search engine optimization work will be structured and carried out. This includes timelines for implementation.

Who does the work?

Not all seo agencies in Minneapolis are the same. You need to be clear who is handling your website improvements. Some unscrupulous SEO firms will get a contract and farm it out to low rate, low skill workers that may not understand English, much less your business. Always make sure you understand who will have access to your website and who is authorized to make changes. The last thing you want is someone who has a low-level skill set making changes to your web properties. Our Minneapolis SEO Specialists are highly trained and perform your work in house.

Reviews / Testimonials

Can this agency provide reviews, testimonials, or examples of work done for their SEO services? If this is a reputable Minneapolis company, they should have people or businesses that are willing to vouch for their work. Sometimes reviews can be easily found by searching for these companies online and other times they may need to be provided by the actual agency. Either way, you should at least get a few points of reference to make sure they are an internet marketing company that can get the job done. MarketPoint Digital has many testimonials and reviews to back up our claims.

Return on Investment

At the end of the day SEO is all about the ROI it creates for your business. Can this agency provide an explanation of the potential ROI as it relates to their proposed digital marketing services? If they cannot show you and expected return on investment, how can they but a dollar figure to their value? MarketPoint Digital SEO will take the time to explain the potential ROI as well as walk you through our process as to how we arrived at these figures.  Our SEO firm is as straightforward as they come because when you succeed, we succeed. That is why we are in this business.


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